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Q. Isn’t acupuncture really painful?
No not at all. In general, some people tend to imagine needles of the type used for sewing or injections when they think about acupuncture! However, the truth is that the needles I use for treatment are extremely fine - roughly about the width of a human hair. I also choose different needles for each patient according to their health condition.
Q. I am afraid that moxibustion will be really hot. I don’t want to be left with marks on my skin from it!
My clinic doesn’t use moxibustion treatment often. However, I instruct some of my patients on how to use it at home and I provide supplies for some patients according to their needs. In old times this form of treatment was really quite hot and patients were basically expected to bear some pain in return for benefits. However, the moxibustion I prescribe will provide a comfortable level of warmth and in addition there will be no marks left remaining on the skin afterword.
Q. Does acupuncture carry a risk of contagion for any disease such as Aids?
Please rest assured that the needles I use for treatment are strictly one-time use only. So I do not use any needle more than once - ever. The needles are always new - absolutely pristine and clean.
Q. Who should not take acupuncture treatment?
It’s rare, but some patients feel acupuncture does not fit to their body condition. My clinic provides various treatment plans. I can adjust treatments according to the condition of every patient. Because of this I am very confident in being able to bestow positive effects when addressing the health problems of any patient.
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Q. Does cosmetic acupuncture treatment alone work sufficiently for skin care?
Yes, you can expect great results. However, your total health condition also reflects upon that of your skin condition. By taking a regular acupuncture treatment that helps improve your total health condition. In turn, if you take both the regular and cosmetic (specific) acupuncture treatments together, then you can expect an optimum result.
Q. I heard acupuncture works for skin care including anti-aging and dietary benefits. Is it true?
Yes it is. You can prevent aging. In particular, my clinic has a special strength in delivering treatments for reducing skin wrinkles and sagging. The cosmetic treatment will create firm and elastic skin. You can expect to experience this directly after taking the treatment! If you are dieting, ear acupuncture can also be a very effective aid. Please feel free to ask any questions if you have any concerns in relation to skin problems.
Q. How long will a treatment be for each visit?
This depends on symptoms and treatment types, however, each treatment session usually is completed within one hour. In the event that you find yourself pressed for time, I can adjust the treatment methods according to your schedule. Please refer to the following for more information (to process)
Q. How often should I receive treatments?
This depends on each patients’ symptoms. If a symptom is acute or persistent, I recommend coming as often as possible at least at the beginning of the treatment process (e.g. once or twice a week). However, if symptoms are not serious or if the aim is more towards maintaining regular health, then once or twice a month is typically sufficient. Please note though that the frequency of taking acupuncture treatments does reflect also in the results.
Q. Can I take western medicine while taking your acupuncture treatment?
Of course this will not present any problems. If you are taking any form of western medicine though please do let me know. I need to be aware of the type of medicine any patient is potentially taking in order to provide the optimum treatment according to those conditions.