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Treatment Pricing

Once-only charge for first time visitors : ¥3,000

Per treatment charge thereafter : ¥7,000
(The same charge applies for both needle-less treatments and cosmetic treatments.)

Student discount (For persons under 29 years of age)

About the coupon tickets

*Coupons tickets are not valid if shared with someone else - including family members.

About cancellations

Charges may apply depending on the time of a cancellation:
-After 8pm on the day before the booking will incur a penalty charge of
(However, if you reschedule to a new date that is within 2 weeks following the original date then you will not be charged any additional fee.)
-”No Show” (on the booking day) without any prior notice will automatically incur a penalty charge of ¥3,000

Soonest possible notice for any cancellation will always be appreciated.


*Needle-less treatment
*Special cosmetic beauty treatment course
*Secret cosmetic treatment

Any of these 3 options, an extra charge of¥3,000.
When you have 2 options will charge \5,000

* Any of the options above, when selected without body treatment will incur a charge of 1 full ticket (¥7,000).
Option1: Need-less type treatments
Option1: Need-less type treatments In the “needle-less” form of treatment, acupuncture needles are NOT used - nevertheless this form of treatment still provides immediate results for stiffness or pain (e.g. in joints, muscle).
The originator of this technique, Mr. Yan (楊先生), has said, ”Any pain can be removed” (with this approach). You can also receive the same authentic Taiwanese originated “needle-less” treatment type here from us.

Treatments with needles are suited to “General body adjustment treatment and medicinal treatment”.
Treatments without needles (“needle-less”) are suited to ”Removing partial pain or stiffness” (and) “work intensely in a very short time.”

Spectacular results can be obtained from the combination of treatments.

Good points for Needle-less treatment
1. The treatment is performed by applying stimulation to pressure points with the use of a device.
2. Since the treatment is performed only by contact to the skin surface, there is no need for an antiseptic swab.
3. No injury (i.e. no perforation) is incurred from this form of treatment.
4. Less (potential) pain compared to regular needle treatments. (Still, you will likely feel some tingling or similar sensations - depending on each pressure point.)
5. If a painful point is identified whilst applying the needle-less device, that will assist to reveal problematic areas and will also help in the overall diagnosis.
6. Immediate effects - you will most likely feel a change just 5 seconds after the needle-less device has been applied.

This needle-less form of treatment can provide effective relief for removing pain and stiffness in situations such as the following:

* Gender specific conditions for women - such as Uterine myoma, Endometriosis, Tumor conditions - including breast cancer - and cases of inflammation.

* Musculoskeletal (locomotor apparatus) related conditions such as from arthralgia, arthritis, strained back, acute/chronic pain, inflammation and neuralgia.

* Sports injury such as tennis elbow and tendon or muscle inflammations.

* Hoarse throat pain stemming from prolonged speaking work and/or singing.

* Atopy (allergic hypersensitivity conditions) e.g. in the finger tips or inflammation of the tendons. Treatments are also effective for aching muscles.

* Eye fatigue. (Treatments can even assist towards restoration of partial vision loss. Whilst it does take time to experience recovery of vision we have many precedents to attest to this. However, you can experience positive benefits from taking even just 1 treatment for acute eyestrain and/or presbyopia conditions.)
Option 2: Special Beauty Course
Option 2: Special Beauty Course Cosmetic Acupuncture will of course aid improvement of your skin’s condition even after a single treatment, however you can expect further improvement by taking the treatment frequently. I usually provide 8 needles for free. If you would like to see greater improvement then please consider trying more needles!!

Results that can be accomplished via cosmetic acupuncture include…

minimization of fine lines and wrinkles
reduction of double chin
diminishment of dark circles and/or puffiness of the eyes
tightening of s agging skin and/or drooping of the eyelids
stimulation of greater skin moisture retention from within
increased collagen production (to keep skin from wrinkling)
reduction of frown lines and crow's feet
tightening of the pores
increased facial luster
increased muscle tonicity
reduction of acne and other skin conditions
reduction of scar tissue
...and more

Of course a treatment can diminish winkles and freckles. The length of treatment though depends on the condition of every patient, but minor wrinkles can typically be diminished after even just a single treatment. Freckles, for example, are often caused by poor condition of internal organs so it can take more time to see improvement in that case. Chinese medicine can also greatly assist improvement. So if you would like to try a combination of acupuncture together with a medical treatment, then please let me know. I can formulate a special treatment plan according to your specific skin condition.
Option 3 : Secret Beauty Course
Option 3 : Secret Beauty Course I have created a unique treatment course experience that is only available at my clinic. This treatment course typically promotes great improvement especially in the reversal of aging effects - including diminishing acne, freckles and also stimulating retention of skin moisture, among other benefits. These benefits can differ according to each patient actually - but these forms of treatment will definitely assist in resolving a broad range of potential skin problems that you may suffer from. Some patients have reported experiencing even greater improvement after some time has passed - and especially in the case of addressing freckles, the improvement does usually follow later. You can expect added improvements overall by taking both the special and the secret treatments together.

Please be advised that you may potentially experience a little pain from the Secret Treatment Course - but actually the overwhelming majority of my patients have undergone this treatment without any such problems.

So you might ask, what is the difference between the Special Treatment Course and the Secret Treatment Course?

The strength of the Special Treatment Course is to stimulate general healthy skin vitality and also to promote skin pore contraction and to diminish wrinkles.

The Secret Beauty Course strengths are in diminishing acne, freckles and dark spots under the eyes - whilst also assisting to promote skin moisture.